The Need

More than half of all pregnancies in South Carolina are unintended. With more women of reproductive age in need of publicly funded contraceptive and family planning services and fewer resources for them to access, there is a tremendous gap in solving this problem.

The South Carolina Initiative

To affect significant change, New Morning Foundation is serving as the backbone organization for the largest coordinated contraceptive access effort in our state’s history. It’s an alignment of South Carolina organizations with the shared vision to help prevent unintended pregnancies. Together, this collaborative can achieve powerful results – like in Colorado where a similar effort realized a 40 percent drop in the teen birthrate and a 42 percent reduction in teen abortions.

Our efforts run deep. We’re working to not only increase South Carolinians’ access to family planning and contraceptive services, but also to increase providers’ capacity to meet the heightened demand, as well as ensure clients have the kind of experience they’d want to recommend to others. A third-party evaluator will measure the results over a four-year period to determine the efficacy of the collective impact and inform future efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies.

  • family planning clinics
  • federally qualified and rural health centers
  • nursing schools
  • hospitals
  • community outreach organizations